Bio Sanitary Pads

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Avail Beauty Sdn. Ltd. Malaysia to introduce you to a new concept, the FC BioSanitary Pad is made ​​from natural herbal ingredients. FC Bio Sanitary Pad is made of quality:
  • The raw material quality and safe
  • Does not contain fluorescent agents, chlorinated bleaching agents,   Dioxin or other substances that are harmful.
  • Coverage of 100% Cotton
It is the women's peer meneman you through your golden all the time. FC BioSanitary Pad would have preferred the pursuit of women's health and wellbeing.
Comfort Feminine contains natural herbs which are not sprinkled like wearingperfume, but the form of powder sprinkled on the bottom wraps up the mainkhasiatnya.Ramuan awake and functions:
  • Mai Fang Stone (talcum) to prevent and kill bacteria, viruses or bacteria to protect from infection and eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Peppermint (Herb Menthae) relieve pain, fever, itching and pressures up to feelcomfortable and cool.
  • Ming Fang (Alumen) as a cleaner blood clots in the uterus and as an antisepticdisinfectant solution in the vagina.
  • Bing Pian (borneol) eliminate pain / tenderness and hot / sultry and pressure /contractions during menstruation.
  • Mo Kuai You (Algrilariaelignum) reduces muscle and joint pain, hip pain and nervepain, skin disease, promote blood circulation and stabilize emotions.
Products are as follows:
  • Product: Bio Sanitary Pads (Herb Pads)
  • Price: 
    • Green Package: MYR10.00 ( USD 3.15806 ) = 20 pcs ( Pantiliner )
    • Blue Parkage: MYR11.00 ( USD 3.47387 ) = 10 pcs (Pads for Days)
    • Red Parkage: MYR12.00 ( USD 3.79264 ) = 10pcs (Pads for Nights)
    • Full Parkage MYR30.00 ( USD 9.48167 ) for all.